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What Kind Of Life That Begins At Forty?

Life begins at forty, a statement that contains a subjective truth.

In a study, forty was synonymous with forgetfulness, lack of concentration and poor focus. According to Professor Keith Wesnes, from Cognitive Drug Research Ltd, a private research company in Reading:
"People in their forties clearly get worse at remembering, recalling and recognizing things. This can be very embarrassing when someone walks into a busy room and can't remember people's names. At this age you can't concentrate as well, and you can't focus and ignore distractions to the same extent that you used to."
Another study found that growing old is a happier experience than many of us imagine. Contrary to common belief, old age does not mean a decline in happiness - older people are just as happy as younger people.

According to another blogger life begins at forty is like a positive statement that provides inspiration, hopes, and youthful energy. It is an inspiration to carry on in life, which is to discover more about this world, about life, and most importantly about one’s self. A hope those more beautiful things and more precious memories are yet to come. And finally, a youthful energy to make these all happens.

The word “life” in the statement, life begins at forty, is believed to be a good life. A season in life we ought to start the harvest. But, we can only harvest what we have planted.


  1. Somewhat sad... but at least it begins at all...

  2. Yes Dwacon®, but i still am wondering what really begins at forty.. :)

  3. now i am 32, and now i am starting to ask this kind of question.

    abt sa graphics. pwedeng pwede po and its free! hehe. isang karangalan sa akin yong may makagusto ng gawa ko.

  4. Eli, you still have 8 long years to find the answer. That is more than enough time you have in your hands right now... :D

    Thank you for letting me use the star graphics in your site. I will have to start now designing my Christmas banner.

    Merry Christmas

  5. hi bro..ayos ang mga graphics natin ah.

    i am wondering why i missed al your interesting posts..oh i should it over..il b back here..i did check ur link so i could buzz more often.

    rgds..and more power!


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