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TOP 2 Filipinos

The world's 10 corrupt leaders. I read this in one of the newspapers here in the Philippines a few weeks ago. It's good to be on top, but NOT in this one. I would have been good news if it was not about corruption.

What if we are going to divide the funds allegedly embezzled by the number of years they are in service? Would the ranking change? Who's going to be on Top? Could it be someone not in the list?


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  1. I lived in Manila for 2 years in the 90s and one of the things that at first struck me as odd, was how much many Filipinos still respect and admire Ferdinand Marcos.

    Until I was educated on reality rather than the brief paragraph we got in US schools. Much of the infastructure of the cuntry cn be attributed to his work apparently.

    It is nice to see your blog. I am in the H & C yhaoogroup wiht you and saw these 2 items and thought I'd reply and say hello.


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