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My Response to 47 Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend

It's Sunday and i had a few time in my hand to browse and read a few from the internet. I came across Wisebread's article about 47 Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend. I got interested so i read through the article hoping to find something fun to do on weekends only to find that i, with my current situation, each of them is difficult to do.

1. Go to the Park - if it has to be cheap, then this would mean our public park, not really fun. Also, it is not really exciting to go there alone. Tagging along friends with me is even more difficult.

2. Watch the Sunset - I don't know where the sun sets from where i live. I would have to find a beach where the sun sets or climb a mountain. Still difficult.

3. Pack a Picnic Lunch - this is something that i miss doing. If it has to be cheap, then i would have to go to the park again. This would have been easier back in the province where i came from.

4. Play Board Games - I know a few, but i don't own one. Besides, who will play with me?

5. Play Card Games - same with board games, i know a few but i don't own one. Again, who will play with me?

6. Do a Road Rally With Friends - huh?
"Get some friends together and go on a mobile scavenger hunt. The first one back with all things on the list wins! Losers have to buy dessert." - duh!

7. Go on a Digital Scavenger Hunt - huh? 2x
"Make it a digital scavenger hunt. Think of some creative, hilarious pictures you could take with people in the community, or check out this list for scavenger hunt ideas." - duh! 2x

8. Throw a B.Y.O.E. Party
"This stands of Bring Your Own Everything. Guests are encouraged to bring food and drinks to share. Or, check this post out for more frugal party ideas." - the truth is, when you get older, your friends do too, and they're getting married. Gathering them together is not anymore fun.

9. Have a Bonfire or Campfire in Your Backyard - I don't have a backyard suitable for a bonfire much more a campfire.

10. Get Ice Cream - okey... lol! This is not anymore fun when i can do it almost everyday of the week. There's an ice cream shop just near where i work.

11. Make a Romantic Dinner - duh! the author's probably not single.

12. Grill Something New - like what?

13. Go to the Museum or Zoo - not anymore cheap where i live.

14. Scan Your Old Photographs - i also wanted to do this, but i don't have a scanner.

15. Pretend You're a Tourist in Your Community - not anymore cheap.

16. Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup - I don't know my neighbors.

17. Go to the Farmers Market - Farmers market is far and rare in the Philippines, i guess. Going to the Public Market is fun looking at farm produce and buying some.

18. Pick Strawberries or Other Fruit - not in the city.

19. Bake a Pie - I can bake, but i don't have an oven.

20. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter - did this before with a friend, but i don't know if there are people running a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter.

21. Invite Your Neighbors Over - again, i don't know them

22. Go Fishing - not in the city

23. Go to the Beach - not cheap here in the city.

24. Go to the Library - i still have some books waiting to be read.

25. Host a Classic Movie Marathon - hmmm... why not?

26. Rearrange the Furniture in Your House - got no furniture to rearrange.

27. Write Out Your Bucket List and Pick One to Do - this would take time and where's the fun?

28. Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle - i don't have one.

29. Volunteer to Babysit for Someone Who "Needs a Break" - not fun-ny!

30. Clean Out Your Closet and Donate to a Thrift Store - did it already.

31. Watch for Shooting Stars - in the middle of the day?

32. Go on a Bike Ride - i don't have a bike.

33. Take a Free Online Class - boooooring.

34. Write Out Your Life Plan - would take a while and i got tired of planning.

35. Set Three New Goals for Yourself - i only have one now, to finish my house that i am building, it's exciting, but not fun.

36. Find a Community Play to Attend - can't think of any.

37. Help Someone in Need - not cheap.

38. Buy Food for the Homeless and Listen to Their Stories - this would be fun, but i don't know any.

39. Go Bowling - fun, but who will go with me? - not fun alone.

40. Visit Garage Sales and Look for Deals - garage sales in the Philippines are not fun, not at all!

41. Tour the Local Fire or Police Station and Thank Them for Their Service - haha!! ok, this is funny!

42. Visit a Local Nursing Home and Engage With the Residents - don't know any.

43. Plant a Garden - i do this everyday.

44. Go Dancing - duh! i'd rather skydive than dance.

45. Walk Through the Craft Store and Start an Art Project - not cheap.

46. Host a "Minute to Win It" Party - silly!

47. Write a Letter to a Family Member You Haven't Talked to in a While - with facebook, email and sms - who's left?

Okey, this is supposed to be fun but i made it boring. Reading back my answers made me realized that i am a boring person. I need help.

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