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I Received an Advise from Google Adsense Ads

I ended my post yesterday with plead for help when i found out that i am such a boring person after reading my responses to 47 Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend.

After i clicked "Publish", i viewed how it looked like especially that I placed an image with my post. When i scrolled through the bottom of the page, i saw this.

I was advised do drink Gatorade everyday, rehydrate my body, refuel my passion for sports.. yikes!

When i was back to my senses, i realized that i really need to rehydrate my body. I don't drink enough fluid everyday than i should. Eight glasses a day is not an easy task. Very seldom i drink water alone. I only drink after i eat. Very unhealthy.

The second advise about refueling my passion for sports, well i don't know. How I could refuel something i don't have? I am only a spectator when it comes to sports. Can i count it as passion for sports?

Thank you adsense ads.


  1. Hahaha what a coincidence! ^_^

  2. hi Elyong
    So MR Google knows the best LOL
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  3. Hi Erik, thank you for dropping by. Yes, watta coincidence.. i had fun!

  4. Hi blue!!!!, it's been a long time. I miss your Top 5 blog too.

  5. hey! I checked my stats and got 6 visits from your site for this month. I just thought of dropping by to say hi. =)


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